Dreamworks has brought the third and final installment of How to train a dragon saga. The film shows the now grown Hiccup who is now the leader of Berk alongside Astrid. The young Viking has created a gloriously chaotic dragon utopia which get threatened by a dragon hunter who seeks Hiccup’s beloved Night Fury . Join the adventure as Hiccup fends off the enemy and discovers something more!

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The film hit theaters in Pakistan last weekend. At the end of its first week the film has raked more than the weekend in total but it is less considering the week is longer. The film’s opening day only made 6 lacs however as the weekend progressed the film saw a great trend. The weekend closed with approximately total of 33 lacs.

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The first week saw a total of 43 lacs at the box office. The film has opened 5 weeks prior to its release in North America and in midst of a lot of competition. Simmba is currently ruling the box office, however this movie is a good treat for children and adults both.


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