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The third part of Dreamworks animations How to Train Your Dragon the Hidden World had a decent run at the box office in Pakistan. The film caters to a niche audience and mostly targets children.

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Boxoffice Update Pakistan : Emerges A HIT

The number of shows assigned to the movie were extremely limited and essentially had better footfall in major cities.


Boxoffice Comparison: Us Vs How To Train Your Dragon 3

The box office breakdown of the film’s run so far is as follows:

Week One.. 43lacs

Week Two.. 30lacs

Week Three.. 39lacs

Week Four.. 14lacs

Week Five.. 10lacs

6th Weekend…7 lacs

Week 6 on wards.. 17 lacs

Total..1.60 crore

How to Train Your Dragon 3: 6th Weekend Business

The film is still running in a few cinemas, however it has now slowed down. It would be an accomplishment of the film if it makes a total of 2 crore at the end of its run!

Major English Film Released 5 Week Early In Pakistan than it’s US Release


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