How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been doing fairly well at the Pakistani Box office. The film opened a month before its American release and has been kept very under rated in Pakistan.

Considering the small number of shows given to the film, the movie has raked in decent numbers. It just closed it 6th Weekend and the numbers are pretty decent. It can be anticipated that the 6th week will close with greater numbers than the 5th week.

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Below is film’s weekly business breakdown till now in Pakistan

Week One.. 43lacs

Week Two.. 30lacs

Week Three.. 39lacs

Week Four.. 14lacs

Week Five.. 10lacs

6th Weekend…7 lacs

Total.. 1.43 crore

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Like previous week, there are no major releases in the coming week as well. The movie has just opened in North America, lets see if the film manages to catch some buzz.


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