The lion king

Disney released a clip from its live action animation of The Lion King which is soon to grace the theaters in July! The clip opens with its highly nostalgic melody and makes us fall in love with it immediately! The tagline, “Long Live The King” is another memorable element. 

The photoreal adaptation of the film is a feast for the eyes. It evokes intense nostalgia of the 1994 movie. While the movie is based on the tale of the original Lion King, the adaptation is truly strikingly pleasing to the eye.

The original Lion King emerged as a blockbuster back in 1994 and it still stands tall as one of the highest grossing films of all time in North America. Film collected 422m $ back then from North America and when adjusted for ticket price inflation, this number shoots up to 814m $. It still ranks at 19th number in the all time list of North America’s highest grossing films, even after it is adjusted in accordance with ticket price inflation. The Lion King was a huge blockbuster worldwide as it raked in 968m $ worldwide back in 1994.

Despite setting worldwide boxoffice on fire in 1994, the iconic story of Mufasa and Simba was not able to see release at cinemas in Pakistan. No Pakistani distributor was dealing with Disney films back in the old days because there was no audience for it.

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Back at that time, Pakistani Cinema was dominated by Punjabi films therefore upper class and women had started to stay away from cinemas. Women are actually the driving force for animated films as kids always bring their mothers to cinemas for watching animated films. Resultantly, distributors refused to give the high price the makers of Lion King demanded in 1994.

However, The Lion King was always loved by children here in Pakistan and therefore it was popular among them. Even though this film never saw a release in our Cinemas but over the years, the movie gained popularity and it became every household’s favorite movie.

To make up for 1994, the gorgeous remake of the much loved movie, Lion King is all set to release in Pakistan on 19 July this year.

Watch the clip here:


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