We had heard how plays aired on Pakistan Television were the reason behind deserted roads during the 70s and the 80s. From Uncle Urfi, Waris, Unkahi, Tanhayyan, Dhoop Kinaray to Sunehrey Din, people waited for these plays with bated breath as if missing an episode would affect their social standing. For those who grew up in the 90s, that wasn’t a common feat as the only time they stayed home was for either Hawaain or Alpha Bravo Charlie, the ending of both making it memorable.

That phenomenon became a reality once again with Mere Paas Tum Ho that made the audience mark their calendars and actually invest 800 rupees in a cinema ticket so that they get to know the end before others who didn’t have the time. Cinema houses were jam-packed for the first time since Avengers: Endgame that came out in April last year, and all over the country, the suspense was killing the fans of the drama as everyone had their own prediction regarding the end. Hats off to ARY and their marketing team for using the drama to first kick-start their ARY Zap application and secondly to cash the drama’s popularity like never before. However, the drama and its end did leave many devastated mainly because it didn’t shock the audience the way it was supposed to. Let’s find out how the drama actually ended and how it could have ended to give the audience their ticket’s worth, because most of the people who exited the cinema, exited it fast enough to hide their embarrassment. Including me!

The Actual Ending

Danish (Humayun Saeed) who had accepted a proposal from Hania (Hira Mani) by wearing her ring went to his ex-wife’s home and had a heart attack as his broken heart wasn’t able to resist the shock of seeing her again, alone and in the familiar surroundings. He was taken to the hospital where he passed away after delivering a lengthy monologue with his son Rumi, and even told him that the monitor is displaying no heart activity yet he is alive because of him. Both Mehwish and Hania were there at the hospital and went back empty-handed, whereas the main villain Shahwaar (Adnan Siddiqui) lived on, and might have even reconciled with his wife Maham (Sawera Nadeem) as the writer chose to leave his end to the audience’s imagination.

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The Argument

Why did Shahwaar not meet an end that he deserved? After all, he was the one who entered the peaceful family life of Danish and took away his wife because he wanted to. It would have been better had he died instead of Danish but the writer seemed to have a bias against good people; he usually kills his leading men (Bunty I Love You, Pyarey Afzal, Sadqay Tumhare) and he didn’t do it differently in Mere Paas Tum Ho. Mehwish also didn’t suffer much as she ended up with the very flat that was her family’s until she decided to leave and in all probability, she would get back Rumi after Danish’s death, making it a win-win situation. These people were the ones who should have suffered in the play, sending a message across to the audience that bad deeds end in bad deaths, and good things (not death) come to those who wait.

How it could have ended …

Wouldn’t it have been better had the writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar gone the Zara Yaad Kar way than going for an end that reminded the audience of Pyarey Afzal?Danish and Hania would have married each other and Mehwish would have been left with no choice but to repent on her actions. The audience would have cheered Danish’s refusal to visit her house more because he was shown as a man of principles and his character would have become the epitome of romance, something we miss in Pakistani dramas these days. Shahwaar Ahmed should have been kicked out of his house with no options instead of being given two by his wife, that too after he decided to go back to his old place. There was simply no reason why a cliffhanger ending was used for his fate when it was evident that he was the bad guy, from the start till the end. 

Salman and Ayesha (characters played by Furqan Qureshi and Rehmat Ajmal) faded away in the final episode as well when it was clear that they were the closest thing to a family for both Danish and Mehwish. Instead Monty (Musaddiq Malik) magically appeared from nowhere and tried to play matchmaker between his former neighbors that ended disastrously for Danish.

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Even the pace of the final episode was slower compared to the whole drama where not one scene looked out of place and not one dialogue out of character. The recap was more than 15 minutes long which was not needed as most of the people had seen the drama, and each episode had a recap of its own. Also, the episode looked hurried for some reason. It seemed that in order to end the drama in signature Khalil ur Rehman Qamar style, the director was forced to reshoot some scenes and the haphazard editing was evident in the cinema, where every minor point seemed major. The background score didn’t offer something new and neither did the storyline that happened exactly as most of the people predicted. The audience in the cinema was applauding some of the dialogues but while they were waiting for a miracle to happen, they were hit with an ending that they were hoping would not happen. A happy ending would have completed the circle for the protagonist rather than ending it before completion, that too after a lengthy speech that the doctor should have cut short, forcefully!


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