Captain Marvel has been doing wonders at the box office and by now have crossed $500 Million worldwide! Other celebrities are also supporting the movie and showing their love to Brie Larson.

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Recently Brie shared a post on her Instagram

The Ocean’s 8 star Anne Hathaway showed her support by commenting this:

Looks like even Anne is rooting for Captain Marvel to beat Thanos in Avengers Endgame! Besides Anne, Resse Witherspoon also took it to her Instagram to praise the film!

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It is certainly heart warming to see all these ladies coming out in support of each other. The cheery on top was when DC’s Wonder Women Gal Gadot praised Captain Marvel !

Wonder Woman had rose to fame as it was the first ever dedicated film with a female super hero in the forefront. With the release of Captain Marvel, Marvel has also taken the step to create a film with a female superhero solely. Captain Marvel has shattered records created by Wonder Women, even so Gal Gadot is all praise for Brie Larson!

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