After the release of action packed trailer of Hobbs and Shaw the makers are back with yet another energetic trailer!

The film stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stathom, along with Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby.It is a spin off of Fast and Furious which has always given massive box office collection in Pakistan. Hence, we can expect the same with this one!

Rock’s Hobbs & Shaw to be another smasher at the Box Office in Pakistan?

It is a high octane film which is filled with action, along with fun and comedy element this is a sure shot entertainer. The film will draw massive crowds to the cinemas. The trailer’s best element besides its action was the constant banter of Hobbs and Shaw who do not get along at all.

However they have been brought together to fight a black villain who is hell bent on spreading a virus that can wipe out half of the population on Earth. We could not help but be reminded of Thanos after this dialogue who wiped out half of the population with just a snap in Avengers Infinity war.

The film did not only have an avengers reference the whole setting and narrative of the film reminded us of Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell starrer Tango and Cash, which followed a similar story line even the sister angle used in the film is the same.

Watch Idris Elba Go Head to Head with The Rock in the trailer of Fast and Furious Spin off Hobbs & Shaw!

Idris Elba plays a man who has been genetically engineered to be powerful. He refers himself as black superman. The actions sequences of the film are extremely well choreographed and the visuals are exceptional.

The costumes and all the gear provided to them along with the fast cars is just cherry on top! With classy action and quick wit the film will definitely be a film that cannot be missed!


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