Fast & Furious spin off Hobbs and Shaw is opening in Pakistan on Thursday night. The film carries the brand value of Fast & Furious which is easily the biggest brand in Pakistan. Fast & Furious series is the most popular film brand among the mass belts in Pakistan. Dubbed versions of Fast & Furious series had done hefty business at small centers.

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Trailer of Hobbs and Shaw is full of action which will agree with the masses. Action is one genre is much liked in does good business in mass circuits.Hobbs and Shaw will be front loaded and the starting numbers should be staggering but will it be able to repeat the numbers of Fast and Furious series will be the real question.

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Whenever a Fast & Furious film is released in Pakistan it has shattered all the opening records. Hobbs and Shaw is opening Thursday night from 10 pm. Earlier, Fast 8 had opened on Thursday night back in 2017 and had roped in a little under PKR 7.5 million which was the biggest previews number back then. Hobbs and Shaw will not only be chasing that number rather it will also be chasing Padmaavat’s PKR 9+ million Thursday previews number.

Furthermore, the film has insane number of shows for Friday and if it starts well then many records will be falling on Friday. Fast 8 had raked in little under PKR 32.5 million on Friday which was second biggest opening day back then. If Hobbs and Shaw manages to carry hysteria of Fast & Furious series then all the records will fall.

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Going by the advance sales till now, buzz is not like Fast & Furious series but that was always on cards as its a spin off. Plus, Hobss and Shaw will be mostly dependent on actual day footfall as such action films get huge footfall on release day.

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