Monday drama reviews: Bandish Vs Dil Kya Kare:

Dil Kia Karay (Geo) 7th Sky Entertainmnet

Last week we saw Saadi kidnapped by the same men who had threatened him and his father before over the land issues, and this week the repercussions of his kidnapping become evident. The entire family is worried sick about Saadi’s status but Aimen is unable to deal with this situation and shows signs of dementia as she cannot recall what had happened; she insists Saadi is just late from work and keeps asking everyone where he is.

Arman’s mother refuses to let anyone call and tell Arman about what had happened, which seems like a wrong move since Arman is probably going to find out sooner or later. Saadi seems to be in a bad condition as well and things aren’t looking too bright for him.

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The entire episode could have been constructed better since it mostly was either Saadi or Aimen reminiscing about their moments together in the past. It became quite dragged and boring during those scenes since their relationship is being developed so much without any emotional connection with the audience.

Dil Kya Kare

The one thing to look forward to in this drama is Arman and his reaction to what has happened to his best friend, since Arman and Saadi’s relationship is far more interesting than any other relationship.

Bandish (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

Things keep getting worse for Madiha and her daughters. While her previous fight with Sania led to Sania leaving, now it is Hania and Aleena who leave and go live with their father instead. Madiha is left virtually alone to deal with the police in search of Sania who has mysteriously disappeared.

Of course Sania is with Sumbul and she tries to confront her and find out the truth but instead Sumbul traps her inside a room and keeps her there. With Hamza’s help, Madiha tracks Sania’s presence to Sumbul’s house and takes the police there, but Sumbul through magic conceals Sania so the police are unable to find her in the house.


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On the other side Sandal becomes angry that she now has more people living in the house and Junaid’s attention is diverted, so she does her best to make Hania do all the work around the house. This double episode continued the same story and didn’t really introduce anything new except that now Madiha and everyone else know who the hand behind everything is. Sumbul also clearly reveals what he motive behind everything was, which was she was in love with Junaid and was jealous that Madiha married him.

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The motive seems kind of weak and it still doesn’t explain why Sumbul let Junaid marry her sister instead of marrying him herself. Such plot holes with hopefully be addressed in coming episodes because they are really confusing to the audience. Otherwise I think Bandish has maintained a good standard of entertainment and its production value has really been top notch!


At the beginning Dil Kia Karay had caught our attention but now has become tedious to watch specially with the unnecessary flashbacks and focus on relationships we have no attachment to. In comparison Bandish is much more entertaining and well-directed as well, and the acting by Marina Khan and younger actors like Hira Mani has made it so much more high-quality!

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