Hira and Mani, the talented duo, star in this fresh Eid telefilm ‘Dil To Bacha Hai’. Playing as a bright and quirky Ainny, Hira stars opposite Mani’s role as Badar. Accompanying them is an equally impressive cast of Asma Abbas as Shaban, Mehmood Aslam as Babu Bhai and Behroz Sabzwari as Sultan. The characters, while less in number, are equally vibrant and full of life, making this telefilm a barrel of laughs and one that was immensely enjoyable!

The story focuses on Shaban and Babu Bhai, who are in love with each other and want to marry. However, Babu Bhai’s old friend Sultan comes to visit him and threatens to ruin the relationship between the two when Shaban starts to like Sultan. Alongside this is the lighthearted banter between Ainny and Badar who, although in love, do not express it yet. The story is remarkably simple and the ending provides a twist that makes the story even more fun yet does not take away from its simplicity.

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For an Eid telefilm, the simplicity is much needed and appreciated since too many complicated plots ruin the comedic factor. While not having too many complications, Dil To Bacha Hai still had us rolling with laughter! The jokes were hilarious and not forced in the way most jokes in these telefilms are, which is a huge aspect to consider. Since the central aspect of the story was the love triangle between Shaban, Babu Bhai and Sultan, most of the story focused on that instead of diverting to supporting storylines.

Even in the moments where it did divert, everything came together in the end and was linked to the final twist. In that, the telefilm succeeded in not just being funny but also well-structured.

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Hira and Mani played such delightful and light roles, and the pair have excellent chemistry with each other on-screen! But the highlight were Asma Abbas, Mehmood Aslma and Behroz Sabzwari who gave the telefilm life itself. All the cast members had such great banter on screen and seemed to have had genuine fun even as their characters, which gave the telefilm even more vivacity.

It is largely due to how the cast did not take itself too seriously that the hilarity of the script was highlighted. While it certainly was not different from the myriad of telefilms that screen on Eid and other days, the important factor was that the audience could watch it on Eid and lay back and enjoy it to the fullest. And for fans of Hira Mani, this was another drama in which they could see their favorite actress look beautiful!

Funny and lighthearted, Dil Tau Bacha Hai lives up to its name. Although not entirely original in its concept and story, it is still far better than many other telefilms with redundant stories that try too hard. Thus by not taking itself too seriously, this telefilm is by far our favorite of all the Eid specials that were aired!

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