Mom vs Hindi Medium

Bollywood films have seen some good business in China in recent years. Last year stunning Pakistani actress Saba Qamar’s Bollywood debut alongside Irrfan Khan, Hindi Medium, was released in China. Hindi Medium had released in China on 4th, 2018.

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The film was very well received and emerged as a box office success in Chinese market. The film had opened with a decent number of $ 3.12m on Day 1.Yesterday another Pakistani starrer Bollywood film “Mom” released in China. The film stars the beautiful Sajal Aly and versatile actor Adnan Siddique alongside late legendary actress Sridevi.

Mom couldn’t get as big start as Hindi Medium. It has raked in an aggregate of $1.46 mil on Day 1. This opening day number is just 50% of the opening day number of Hindi Medium.

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Hindi Medium had seen a footfall of approx 6.82 lacs on day 1 whereas Mom got approx 3.27 admissions on Day 1. So this means that the former had double the admission of the later. Lets see how the film performs at Chinese Box Office in coming days.


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