Good news for all Hilary Duff fan as the actress is coming back to Disney with her much loved series Lizzie Mcguire!

The actress will be essaying the role of a Lizzie now in her 30’s and exploring life in New York city. Hilary Duff announced the news on her social media with a montage of Lizzie Mcguire. The Disney series had introduced Hilary to showbiz as 13 year old Lizzie and she has grown as an artist ever since then. The series went on to make a film The Lizzie McGuire Movie  as well. And we all still remember the lyrics to the song “This is what dreams are made of”

According to the plot line revealed so far, Lizzie is “older, wiser, and has a bigger shoe budget.” She has her dream job as an apprentice to a decorator in New York City and her dream boyfriend, who’s a restaurateur in SoHo. But, even though she has her life more together now than she did in junior high, Lizzie’s still got some figuring out to do!

With the new series being announced it will be interesting to see what Lizzie is up to now. The series will also include the animated version of Lizzie explaining what Lizzie is thinking. Hilary Duff is currently being seen in TV series Younger.

Disney + will be launching on November 12,2019.Are you excited to see Hilary reprise her role as Lizzie? We surely are!


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