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Pulwama incident has led to heightened tensions between India and Pakistan. India has been blatantly accusing Pakistan of the attack and resultantly many Indian celebrities have cut off ties from Pakistan. While a lot has happened, Pakistan has not been quite on the mater either. Recently, prime minister Imran Khan gave a speech regarding the matter.

Imran Khan said that he encourages dialogue between the two countries and preaches peace however if India does anything, Pakistan will retaliate and respond accordingly. Prime Minister’s speech was lauded among prominent personalities of Pakistan. Ali Zafar also took to twitter and appreciated the speech!

Following this, Ali Zafar was called out by many Indians who claimed him to be treacherous. It was said that he has been allowed to come and live in India and earn his living on Indian soil then how could he laud PM Imran Khan’s speech?

Indian singer Sonu Nigam addressed the issue on an interview with Times Now. He said, “If i were him, I would support my PM too” He asked them to give Ali Zafar some space and understand that he is going to laud his own people.

Ajay Devgn who previously halted the release of his upcoming film, Total Dhamaal in Pakistan also shared his two cents on the matter.

Taking a similar stance, he said to Zoom Tv, “(Ali Zafar) is a Pakistani and he is going to support his nation and we are going to support our nation. I have nothing against what he (Ali Zafar) is saying, he is loyal to his nation.”

He further added, “And once you are loyal to your nation and your thought the process is not the same you are standing against each other, all of us. Taking a stand like this is not enough, sustaining it till there is an outcome. Because every time we take a stand we withdraw it after a couple of months because we all forget about it, then again something happens then again we wake up and realise that we need to take a stand against it. It happened last time also. This time I think the stand that we have taken we should carry it, as a nation and we can sustain that.”


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  1. israr February 25, 2019

    Ajay devgan core audience is right wing pro BJP or he first used the excuse of ban to sell his movie now ali zafar's tweet he used to further rile up his core audience he was doing PR along with the host and you lot conveniently fell for his and sonu nigams . antics . stop giving their antics free attention a lot of movies will self ban themselves in coming days stop giving them they cross border hype they need to sell their half baked movies