Everyone’s favorite Ramzan transmission Suno Chanda’s season 2 has been confirmed! The adorable duo of Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed was last seen bickering in Suno Chanda last Ramzan.

The drama turned out to be one of the most loved comical dramas based on a joint family where the cousins, Arsal and Jia reside. The two fall in love after a series of ups and downs and gradually find love. The drama will be resuming from where it last culminated!

Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed

As the drama ended on a good note, with the wedding of Jia and Arsal, the sequel will resume to show us their life after marriage. According to the director Ahson Talish, there will be a change in cast as a few characters will bid us farewell while four new characters will come on board!

The drama will be a comedy like before and will follow the same old loved recipe of Suno Chanda while showing us how the couple bickers after marriage! While it is too soon to reveal more, the director has promised us that the squeal will be just as good as its first part!

Previously. the writer of the drama confirmed that the shoot of the drama will begin from 10th March, 2019 while it will be airing on Hum Tv in Ramzan!

We are already rooting for the much loved Arsal and Jia to return on the screens! The duo shares an adorable relationship like Tom and Jerry’s and we cant wait to see them again.


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