The Hollywood star Al Pacino has massive hits to his name especially the Godfather series. People often mimic his lines from this film as well. The star will be seen in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood next.

While giving an interview to “The Talks” the star discussed his career and his success. During the interview he was asked about any regrets that he may have. The interviewer further elaborated and asked if he regretted rejecting Star Wars

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The mega Sci-Fi franchise has been a massive success at American box office. The film makers had approached Al Pacino for a role in the movie however he turned it down. Upon being asked this question he responded that that he had no regrets. The films that didn’t work or were wrong for him, would be his mistake.

“Star Wars. Yeah, that was my first big mistake.”

The actor was offered the part of Han Solo which he turned down. The movie turned out be much loved and a massive success over the years. It has become a cult culture and has a major fan base. So it is understandable for the actor to express his regret over that movie.

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