SherDil is just four days away from it’s release and there has been good amount of buzz on social media for the film. Starring Mikaal Zulfiqar, Armeena Khan and Hassan Niazi in lead roles, film is based on the story of Pakistan Air Force’s pilot.

Slated to release over the Pakistan Day Weekend, film’s lead star Mikaal Zulfiqar recently revealed the character he wishes to play. Playing a game at the studios of EPK, when his co host Hassan Niazi asked,”Which is the character he wishes to play?”. Mikaal Zulfiqar replied instantly with “James Bond”. You can check the whole game in the video below.

Well Mikaal going by the looks and your acting skills, we would love to see you in some action flick on the lines of James Bond. Mikaal Zulfiqar is playing Flat/Lt Haris Mustafa in the film whereas Hassan Niazi plays Indian pilot Aarun Veerani.


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