This Eid special telefilm, starring Yasir Hussain and Ushna Shah in leading roles as two young people doing their best to get married, had everyone excited from the few hilarious bits we saw. And we finally got to see it last night after such a long wait! Yasir Hussain plays the role of Dino, who is in love with Ushna Shah’s character, Maheen. However, the only thing standing in between them getting married is Maheen’s father, a rather scary man obsessed with guns.

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Since Dino does not have any family, he disguises himself as a woman to convince Maheen’s father to let the two marry each other. Of course this backfires when Maheen’s father ends up falling in love with ‘Durdana’, and chaos ensues as everyone tries to hide the truth from Maheen’s father!

Yasir Hussain as Durdana

Not a minute in the telefilm was wasted on unnecessary scenes and the way it was directed made sure every second of the time they had was utilized perfectly. A lot of other telefilms waste time on unneeded scenes, but thankfully the director Aabis Raza did not commit the same mistake. And for a comedy, it is absolutely necessary to have quick scenes that establish the comedic timing perfectly.

Suffice to say, the telefilm did not lack in that department. Many moments had us genuinely laughing while others at the very least entertained us and did not leave a single dull moment. No doubt the jokes weren’t exactly top-notch and could have used some working on, but that still does not take away from its overall entertainment value and for an Eid special, it worked its charm perfectly.

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The team of Help Me Durdana

Ushna Shah as Maheen was perfect as the actress has proven herself time and again to have the range and talent for a variety of roles. Having mostly played serious roles, seeing Ushna Shah in this comedy was a breath of fresh air and I’m sure it was for her too! Overall, her character was wonderful to see and had us enjoy every single bit of the comedy. Alongside her, Mehmood Aslam was natural in his role as her father and probably my favorite part since he gave his scary character a hilarious portrayal!

Yasir Hussain as Dino was the highlight of Help Me Durdana, since he is the pivotal character of the entire basis of the show. There was some controversy involved in his depiction of the Durdana character, and there definitely was room for a much better way of handling such a topic. But in spite of that, Yasir Hussain did not disappoint and as the lead of this special, provided much needed laughter to the viewers.

Overall, despite some hit-and-misses, Help Me Durdana did well in terms of the audience it was aimed at. While not a masterpiece of comedy, the special was entertaining to watch on an Eid night, and it did give us some genuine laughs!

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