Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan starrer Heer Maan Ja is just couple of weeks shy from its release on Eid ul Azha and the film saw release of its second video song today. Composed by Vee Music, the title track Of Heer Maan Ja is sung by Sahara UK.

Directed by Azfar Jafri, Heer Maan Ja comes from the makers of Parchi and Janaan and the music albums of both the films were mega hits. Billo Hai from Parchi is one of the biggest hits in recent years from Pakistani cinema. And the two tracks of Heer Maan Ja released so far are following the same formula of Billo Hai.

Heer Maan Ja Trailer Promises A Colorful Romantic Comedy

Addi Maar released earlier had same singer and composer as Billo Hai and now Heer Maan Ja Title Track features the same singer as well. Tune and composition of the track is very desi in nature and quite similar to Billo Hai. The lyrics are quite fun and even vocals of Sahara UK are very similar to Billo Hai. Looking at the first two tracks, it can easily be said that the makers are trying to follow the same formula as of Billo Hai.

Coming towards the video, this track has a much better video and choreography compared to Addi Maar. The video is more hip and happening and all three actors have danced well. Hareem looks gorgeous in both her looks. Having said that we are still waiting for the songs of Heer Maan Ja to reach the levels of Parchi in terms of video. This time with Heer Maan Ja title track we can see some good work in choreography done by Osman Khalid Butt.The length of the track is way too long to be released that early before the release of the film.

Heer Maan Ja’s music has something big in store

Heer Maan Ja Title track does have catchy tune, good vocals and fun lyrics but follows the same formula as Billo Hai. Only time will tell if the song can be as big hit as Billo Hai.

Listen to the song here:

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