Shah Rukh Khan starer Zero’s trailer was released on 02 November. Although the trailer of this film did not trend in Pakistan immediately in the first 24 hours however it did manage to trend afterwards for a week. Everyone liked seeing Shahrukh Khan in a completely new avatar. Although he was half his size, his shenanigans were in full swing and he stole the show away sooner or later.

The makers of Zero then released the movie’s first song on 23rd November. The song, Mera Naam Tu, was a romantic song featuring Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan. Unfortunately the song failed to trend in Pakistan on YouTube.

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In contrast, the trailer of Simmba has seen a good response in Pakistan. It has been trending almost immediately. People have being loving Simmba’s trailer and now its first song which was released today, is showing potential.

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We also recently saw the release of Issaq Baazi a few days back on 4th Dec. The song starred both the Khans. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan shared a screen which was anticipated to break the internet. The song did break the internet with a record number of views however it still did not trend on YouTube in Pakistan, which comes as a shock! Both the songs of Zero, “Mera Naam Tu” and “Isaaqbaazi” have surprisingly failed to trend in Pakistan.

Issaqbaazi which features both the Khans i.e. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan was nowhere to be seen in the trends on Youtube. This raises serious questions. Have the Khans lost their charisma in Pakistan? Perhaps there is something wrong with YouTube? Or perhaps Red Chillies have simply failed to promote Zero well enough to get the songs to trend in Pakistan?

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  1. Kashif Khan December 6, 2018

    We will see the power on 21st December with #Zero. BO will explode..