Cultural ministry is eyeing the next chairperson of Punjab Censor board and it is definitely a good call!

Recently the Punjab censor board made headlines as it was caught amidst corruption controversy that led to suspension of all members.

Punjab Information and Culture Minister caught wind of on-going financial corruption, which initiated an audit resultantly suspending the members. The salaries of the member were also questioned including current  chairperson Shoiab bin Aziz and the former chairperson film star Zeba’s which was a whopping Rs 1.2 million.

The cultural ministry, headed by Fayazul Hasan Chouhan, has now set out to appoint new members. Usman Perzada, who was the vice chairman in the previous tenure, is currently officiating the board.

According to insider sources a summary has been sent for appointment of chairman censor board.  In the summary, the new chairperson who has been suggested is the veteran actor Ghulam Mohiuddin.

Ghulam Mohiuddin (Actor/producer)

Ghulam Mohiuddin started his career in films in 1970s and has been part of mega block busters. He is still engaged with the industry, his latest project is the record breaking film The Donkey King, in which he played Badshah Khan. Having knowledge of the industry makes him a very good candidate for this position as he can understand the intricacies of the film making industry. He will be able to gauge well the films coming for certification.

Over the years the censor board has gone through some revolutionary changes. Film star Zeba, wife of late actor Muhammad Ali, was the first chairperson of Punjab censor board who was from the film fraternity.  Before this it was common practice that the members appointed were bureaucrats or politician who had no background of the industry. Another improvement that has come over the years is the province wise divisions of censor board after the 18th amendment.

Lets hope the new appointee can further improve the statures of the board.


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