IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films are back along with Azfar Jafri to bring us Heer Maan Ja starring the dynamic duo Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan.

Exclusive: Producer reveals Heer Maan Ja costs more than Parchi & Janaan combined

The film’s teaser has been released and it looks like a promising rom-com that will make us laugh and entertain us through and through. While we look forward to the movie, the flick’s leading lady Hareem Farooq is also excited about something else.

We caught up with her and she had a special message for Pakistan Cricket team as they gear up for the World cup.

“I am wishing all the best to the Pakistani team for the cricket world cup. I am pretty sure and I am praying that you guys are going to bring the trophy home”

She also send in a sweet reminder to all the fans out there about her upcoming movie:

“Also do not forget Heer Maan Ja is coming out Eid ul Azha”

We wish both our cricket team and Team Heer Maan Ja for a successful run. Check out her video message here!

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