Drama serial Anaa only just aired its second episode yesterday and the drama has managed to garner a lot of love and a decent viewership! As per Epk’s devised system, the drama inaugurated with a bang and has become the most popular drama of a Sunday, leaving behind Feroze Khan and Sana Javed’s drama, Romeo Weds Heer. As per Epk ratings, the drama is leading already.

Anaa features the lively, mischievous and bold Daneen played by Hania Amir accompanied by Shehzad Sheikh as Areesh in the lead roles. In the latest episode, the elder of the Nawab Family, their Dada decides to wed the two but none of the family members seem very happy about this newly formed relationship.

Their Dadi thinks Daneen is uncultured and unfit for their family values while their relative Ania was in love with Areesh. Nevertheless, Ania manages to put on a brave face and approves of the relationship whereas Dadi in particular is keen on teaching Daneen how to behave like a lady.

Ania and Altamash’s relationship as orphan siblings is one of the most heartwarming relationships of the drama, and it’s nice to see such relationships outside of the typical husband-wife relation being explored.

On the other hand, we are introduced to Izza who becomes friends with Daneen. Izza finds out that Daneen is her relative when she tells her about her family and particularly her Dada who is also Izza’s Dada. Izza now longs to reunite her father with his family as it appears he had left his parent’s house due to some clash. It will be interesting to see how that develops on in the future since everyone has hinted that the divide is too large to be resolved.

Hania Amir has managed to impress us in the drama with her apparent talent in acting. The actress is surely one of the popular faces on Tv right now and her fandom has garnered more attention for the drama. Shahzad Sheikh is also an amazing actor who has great chemistry with Hania Amir. Other than the interesting characters, the drama’ locations are beautiful as well as the drama has been captured in Chitral! The scenery of the drama is pleasing for the eyes while it has been well directed too.


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