31st March Sunday Dramas 2019: Romeo Weds Heer Vs Anaa:

As always, last night’s episodes of Romeo Weds Heer and Anaa were top notch! By now, Romeo Weds Heer has become a reliable sitcom to watch on Sundays for many people, whereas Anaa has proven itself a worthy contender with an interesting plot and characters. Continue reading to know more about these dramas’ episodes last night!

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Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

After all the hassle, Romeo and Heer’s waleema is actually happening! Heer’s family is still offended from last week’s episode and refuse to attend the wedding, and Romeo’s mother is stubborn enough to not want to apologize. On their way to the waleema, Heer decides she doesn’t want to go if her family isn’t present and forces Romeo to park someplace random.

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After a lot of effort Romeo manages to get Heer to the wedding hall where Heer’s family surprisingly show up after Romeo’s father goes to them instead. After all the celebrations are done with, Romeo is made to go to Heer’s family home and stay with them, and all is going well until he accidentally falls off the roof of the house and injures his leg.

At the very least, the extremely dragged out wedding is finally over! While the wedding made up the gist of the drama’s plot, I felt it was really hyped up for no reason and the actual wedding was pretty lackluster. We’re certainly curious to see where the makers of the drama take Romeo Weds Heer from here on out since the main crux of the show had always been the wedding. Hopefully they won’t drag this story arc even more!

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Anaa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Now that Daneen has married Saif, she realizes she has a lot of growing up to do specially since Saif is much older and wiser. But she still chooses to go to Areesh’s wedding after Izza’s mother encourages her to stand up for herself and show Areesh she has moved on. Daneen is certainly successful as Areesh begins to regret his choices right there during his wedding, but the problem arises when everyone present sees, including Aania and Altamash!

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Izza seeks out and successfully manages to get a job, defying the status quo of her family where women did  not work. However, the conversations between her and Altamash are by far the most interesting dialogue of the drama and surprisingly deep, as they argue about classism within their family. Seeing Areesh’s behavior, Altamash realizes he had made a mistake in marrying his sister to him and tells Aania this cannot work.

It seems the marriage will be cut off only because Daneen wanted an ego boost, which isn’t at all surprising since Daneen isn’t the most practical and smart character. However, Izza’s mother seems to have a personal vendetta and is ruining Daneen’s image in the family meanwhile. At this point Izza and Altamash are the only two characters that are sympathetic and hopefully they won’t be ruined like Daneen or Areesh!

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Anaa comes out on the top with its intriguing twists and turns. The drama has gotten more interesting and tragic with Daneen and Areesh’s weddings and we are eager to see how the story unfolds. Hania Amir and Shehzad Sheikh are also doing a wonderful job at capturing our attention.

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Romeo Weds Heer might have flaws here and there, but overall it still manages to be entertaining and secures the second spot on Sundays.

What did you think of these dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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