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24th March Sunday 2019: Romeo Weds Heer Vs Anaa

SWith Sunday comes another exciting couple of episodes from Romeo Weds Heer and Anaa! This time, it was weddings for both of those dramas, albeit with different feels. Romeo and Heer have an upcoming waleema, whereas in Anaa, Daneen goes into a hasty marriage to get over Areesh. But while for the latter we know the choice is right, will it be the same for Daneen and Areesh? Read on and find out!

Romeo Weds Heer

Romeo and Heer are enjoying their first morning as a married couple when they suddenly hear commotion outside their room! Scared, they jump to the conclusion that there are thieves breaking into their house and call the police. But it’s only Nazar and Aflatoon bringing over breakfast from home.

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As the police try to arrest them, Romeo and Heer realize this and get them free. Of course this means Heer’s family gets offended at Romeo’s family and the whole cycle begins once again. Another major thing that happens at the end of the episode is that Romeo and Heer oversleep and forget that their waleema has to start!

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The story is starting to show repetitive patterns and the timeline is pretty drawn out too since the last four episodes took place on the same night and it seems the next few will expand on one night as well. Regardless, Romeo and Heer is well-received by the audience and has maintained a constant level of quality despite the constant repetitions!


In Anaa, a wedding also happens but for a completely different reason. Daneen is marrying Saif and on her mehndi night, Dada passes away after an emotional speech to Daneen. During his funeral, Areesh, Ghazanfar and that side of the family show up to look at Dada but Daneen has them take the body out before they can and throws a scene.

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Areesh just now discovers what had happened in the end of the previous episode and goes to Daneen’s father to apologize, but once more Daneen makes sure to speak her mind and tell Areesh that he is never again welcome in that house. And so Daneen marries Saif and Areesh has to get rid of any leftover feelings and marry Aania.

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In the background there is also more development between Izza and Altamash as they obviously are developing feelings for each other but for now continue to hide it. There was some confusion that was raised during these episodes, such as Areesh’s erratic behavior regarding Daneen.

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It’s obvious that a lot of characters have central flaws, with Areesh’s being indecision and Daneen’s being that she does not think before acting. However, these flaws sometimes come off as loopholes in the drama itself and need to be presented more discreetly. Otherwise, Anaa is also a pretty tough contender and is doing very well among the audiences!

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After having given up the top spot for a while, Anaa is back again at the number 1 spot for Sundays! The drama took a compelling turn while Hania Amir and Shehzad Sheikh are a natural in their characters!

Anaa is pulling in a lot of interest however since both dramas are such polar opposites, it honestly comes down to what you’re in the mood for: some lighthearted comedy or some serious family drama!

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