We recently hosted prominent actor Aamir Quershi at Epk studios. In an interview which will be released on our web channel very soon, the actor had a lot to say! Actor Aamir Qureshi is the son of veteran actor Mustafa Quershi. Mustafa Qureshi’s iconic portrayal of Noori Nath in Maula Jatt has long been praised and admired.

Maula Jatt still remains one of the most popular Punjabi films of Pakistan. Talking about the upcoming film, The Legend of Maula Jatt, Mustafa Quershi’s son Aamir Quershi had an advise for Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Aamir Quershi and Mustafa Quershi

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The actor said, “There is only one Noori Nath. There will never be another Noori Nath, ever! As long as the world lives.”

“There is no doubt that Hamza Ali Abbasi will do a good rendition of Noori Nath. He will do it in his own style. I am sure he will do a good job. He is a good actor but he wont be Noori Nath. He will still be Hamza Ali Abbasi playing the role of Noori Nath. ” He added.

Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath

“If he said Naya Aya e Sohniya, people will laugh at him! Because people wont be able to take him seriously. Such iconic dialogues are never taken seriously. So I suggest him not to do it. He should play the role of Noori Nath but he should just do it in his own way!”

Stay tuned for Aamir Quershi’s full interview and find out what this is all about! The interview will release tomorrow at 3pm!

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