Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail recently tweeted about The Legend of Maula Jatt. After watching the rushes of the film, he termed it the best Pakistani movie ever. He wrote that my friend Hamza, Legendary writer Adeeb, producer Ammara and director Bilal Lashari have done an outstanding work.

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The tweet was met rather negatively by a troll who thought that films are a waste of time, not realizing the impact films may have on an economy.

She wrote, “Keep it up! you are doing a great service to Karachi, by watching movies and singing songs “

Hamza Ali Abbasi, who has been known for being straightforward and for always saying whats on his mind replied sensibly. The actor reasoned that this is a multi million dollar industry responsible for millions of jobs which should be supported! He pointed out how Modi is appreciated when he takes a picture with Indian celebrities. However, when a Pakistani governor gives 20 mins to appreciate a film, is it such a waste of time?

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He further added, ” One day our introduction to the world will be our films, our culture, our beauty and not news headlines of fox news and cnn.

Governor, Imran Ismail couldn’t agree more as he wrote, “Our industry has more potential comparing to India, I have my firm belief if we just support it a bit our industry can beat it by far. No matter what, I will support and stand by my film industry and super stars.”

Many were quick to side Hamza Ali Abbasi. We too wish the same for our film industry and hope to be represented by our art, films and beautiful culture!


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