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Directed by: Syed Mazhar Moin

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by: iDream Entertainment

Hameed (Faysal Qureshi) is worried about how to justify his rejection for Maan (Wahaj Al)’s proposal for Momina (Sanam Chaudhry). He gets scared in a dream and wakes up shouting “Momina”.

Faysal Qureshi’s acting is more beyond words and can definitely get countless awards on his acting. Like all his drama serials in past too including Topi Drama, Kis Din Mera Viyah Ho Ve Ga or Bashar Momin, this one is again a masterpiece in his career.

Hameed panics when Jojo waters the flowers under which Masooma (Areesha Ahsan) is buried most probably, however, it is still not clear but in this episode, he had few flashbacks about setting that place. So it’s a doubt that he may have buried the little girl there.

Maan and Hameed argue about Momina ending on a complete “NO”. Azra (Sawera Nadeem) in her unstable mental state comes to Hameed’s place inquiring about Masooma where he panics badly. Further, he then gives logic to Amna (Iffat Omar) and Maan that the family has different diseases so that’s why he doesn’t want to marry Maan there.

The director set the scene beautifully no doubt. The lighting effect on Maan’s face by the end of the scene was a super capture. Azra coming to Hameed’s house barefooted and Hameed unable to manage his words.

Azra gets hallucinations of Masooma in front of her. Maan sees Momina walking to somewhere, he gives her ride to the police station. Maan’s dressing in the scene remained very cool, suited him but his lip color bothered a little.

Momina is told by SHO that she should stop hoping her sister alive.

Another very influential scene of the episode when Azra is sitting on the road and people give her money considering her as a beggar.

Azra fells into water-filled dig after losing her balance with the hallucination of Masooma’s calls. Sanam Chaudhry’s acting remained amazing in the scene, losing herself completely she indulged in the character.

Maan’s family take his proposal for Momina to her home where she rejects the proposal.

In coming episodes, let’s have a guess. Things will get tighter for Hameed and Momina may get more alone with the time.



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