Critic Rating

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by: Abdullah Seja

Directed by: Mazhar Moin


Last episode had us biting our nails with anxiety and anticipation as Hameed was back and in custody, finally paying for his horrendous sins. While the tension aroused between Momina and Kulsum, this episode started with Kulsum and Azra having a heart to heart conversation about motherhood, Azra opens up and questions Kulsum, “Tum apnay aap ko meri jaga rakh ke dekho gi tou mera amal tumhe jaiz nhin lage ga?” She calls for her empathy and motherhood in order to get justice for her daughter Masooma. The flashbacks of Masooma’s memories also bring out the emotional sentiments of motherhood which is perfectly juxtaposed with the current ongoing scene. As always the OST playing in the background is a perfect fit for the situation.

Hameed gets out on bail and starts venting his frustration on poor Momina, this shows the height of his evilness and the signs of repentance he was showing earlier, wh ich made him a sufferable character are nowhere to be seen. Audience’s perception of him shifts again and now he is a cruel sinner who lies continuously. We also sympathize with him on some level as he is psychological unstable and deeply disturbed.



Another highlight of the episode is the row that arises between Swera and her manipulative husband, although the root cause of this becomes his cheating but he instead blames Swera for everything. He threatens her which marks him as another wicked character in the serial.

The episode reaches to the peak of its crisis when Kulsum confronts Hameed and bluntly asks him, “Kiyun mara tha Masooma ko? Kya kiya tha uskay sath?” This dialogue marks her strength and her firmness after getting to know the truth, “Tumhe kya laga tha sabko bewaqoof bana lo ge? 28 saal guzare hen tumhare sath 28 saal” Hameed finally gives in to her pressure and confesses everything. This scene marks the epitome of excellence in acting by Faisal Qureshi and Iffat Omer, hands down they are the most brilliant actors of this serial. This scene is by far the most powerful and impactful scene of this serial.



Momina overhears the conversation and has a panic attack caught in the turmoil of emotions and shock. The intensity of the scene goes over the roof as Momina has a breakdown in front of everyone and asks for justice and Kulsum denies everything in regard of her husband. Maan loses his control and raises his hand on Momina.

The episode ends with every single character caught in chaos of emotions and fate, we cannot wait to find out what this sentimental rollercoaster has more to offer.


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