Critic Rating

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by: Abdullah Seja

Directed by: Mazhar Moin


Last episode of Haiwan ended with Azra mustering up the courage to get justice for her daughter’s unspeakable death, all her strength stems from the fact that she is a mother, we see Azra transform from a vulnerable and fragile woman to a brave mother as she says to the police inspector “Aap kisi pe bhi shak Karen mujhe koi farq nhin parta.Mujhe sirf apni bachi ke liye insaaf chahye” in a daring determined tone.  We also see that all of the doubts and police’s hunches are pointed towards Hameed and everyone is desperately waiting for his return.



This shocking revelation has now changed the entire course of the serial and we clearly observe the transformation of every character as the plot revolves. The grief of Azra turns into madness, denial and then turns into stone-told courage for justice and revenge. The waywardness of Hameed turns into denial then guilt and repentance. Momina’s vulnerability turns into anguish and then responsibility.



From the very start of the episode we see Azra contemplating his daughter’s death and she is continuously blaming herself and holds her own self responsible for the cruelty that happened to her. We all had goosebumps when she breaks down saying “Meri bachi mujhe kabhi maaf nhin karay gi,kabhi maaf nhin karay gi” On the other hand Shireen is caught in the turmoil of post miscarriage depression, as she mourns the loss of her unborn child her dialogues are convincingly powerful as she raises questions on the cruelty society tends to show towards women, the pangs of madness and hysteria are also shown through dialogues and they have made the scene so powerful and heart wrenching . The background music does absolute justice to the dialogues and the scene itself.



The episode takes a shocking turn when we see Hameed coming back and facing the investigation of police. Later he is taken into custody after Azra files a FIR against him and Kulsum starts to have flashbacks of all the suspicious events that occurred with Hameed. Her judgement is clouded by her regard for her husband and Momina is facing her harsh reactions now.

The preview of next episode had us all anxious and worked up. Let’s see what more twists and turns this serial has to offer.




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