Critic Rating

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by: Abdullah Seja

Directed by: Mazhar Moin

Drama serial Haiwan has truly left us speechless throughout its episodes, its theme and spellbound performances by legendary actors like Swera Nadeem and Faisal Qureshi. In this episode, we see Azra up and about after ages, she seems to have recovered from her mental illnesses and Post Traumatic Stress but the turmoil of emotional sickness still has not left her completely and nostalgia has taken place of the delusions. We find her zoned out and lost in her past memories as she decided to move back in her house. “Masooma se milne ka shayd abhi waqt nhin aya” is a powerhouse in its own sense and we sure could feel it through as it was a chilling dialogue, given the context of it.


Where Azra is recovering from the treacherous past, Hameed is repenting his sins and we see him desperately asking for forgiveness from God in every form. The burden of his guilty conscience is getting to his head which is shown through his continuous prayers and charities. He is seen leaving the house to get rid of the past memories.

The powerful scene at the start of the episode is where Shireen and Azra go to a shrine to pray, the situation is ironic as both of them are praying as a mother, where one is asking for a child and the other is praying for the daughter she has lost. The scene is very emotional and brings tears to our eyes as the OST plays in the background “Teray Bina sookhi mamta ki jholi” and Azra recalls Masooma and cries helplessly. The videography and lighting were intense and emotional according to the nature and setting of the story. The OST and its lyrics are very fits the scenes and situation.



A tiny ray of sunshine was brought to life when Shireen announced that she is going to be a mother followed by the tragic news of her miscarriage which brings the viewers closer to the utmost reality of death and life.

As the episode unravels the most shocking incident takes place which is sure to change the entire course of the serial, Masooma’s dead body is found from Hameed’s lawn and everyone’s reaction is just breathtaking. Azra’s dialogue “Mera intizaar uski moat pe khatam kaisay ho sakta he” brings audience to tears.

The entire story is still not disclosed yet and we will have to wait for the next episode to find.




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