Critic Rating

Directed by:
Mazhar Moin

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by: iDream Entertainment

Another drama serial on child abuse by ARY Digital! The channel is giving back to back dramas on sexual abuse, one ends and the other starts.

This drama is based on a girl named Masooma (Areesha Ahsan) who also appeared as victim in Hum TV drama serial Udaari also, who is patient of Asthma. Her father recently died.

Masooma and Javeria aka Jojo (Hoorain) are best friends and spend maximum time of the day with each other. Momina (Sanam Chaudry) is Masooma’s sister.

Masooma is also allergic to ice creams. She eats once and get conscious.

Javeria tells Masooma that she will make her brother Maan (Wahaj Ali), who is to come back from America, talk to her and he will make her his sister. Momina teaches tuition to school children to run home.

Hameed (Faysal Qureshi) is Javeria’s father and an alcohol addicted and Kulsum (Iffat Omer) is her wife. Sawera (Maryam Noor) is sister of Jojo and Momina’s best friend too. Azra (Sawera Nadeem) asks Momina to not to spend much time at Jojo’s place.

Masooma’s acting is very good and quality one.

One day Masooma goes to Jojo’s place to play with her but only Hameed is there in the house. She asks him about Jojo, he tells him that Jojo is not at home. But she asks again and again and holds his hand. Hameed already is sitting drunk and therefore, his inner evil gets power.

When a lot of time passes, Momina goes to bring Masooma back home but nobody opens the door. Their tenant tells her that they all are gone to Jojo’s maternal parents. They search her everywhere but couldn’t get.

Hameed ties Masooma and after his evil act, hides her below bed as he listens her family knocking continuously outside gate. He denies knowing where is Masooma.

Now, there were a lot of flaws in these few scenes. Masooma is shown a young girl but even if a 2-year-old is not treated with love by a man, the child goes back but Masooma continuously repeated same lines even when he told that she is not at home. This scene was quite inappropriate. Masooma is told by Hameed that Jojo is not here, not at home etc., but she repeats her insisting.

“Uncle Jojo kahaan hai?” “Baita Jojo ghar par nahi hai.” “Uncle Jojo Kaha hai? Uncle Jojo Kaha hai? Uncle btayen na Jojo Kaha hai? Jojo Kaha hai? Jojoo… chalein main usy us kay kamry me dekh laity hu”
Does this scene makes sense?

Another scene from when Momina and Azra search for her around Hameed’s place, they search everywhere but just not below bed. They don’t even get to hear the breathing sound of Masooma under bed and she moaning and crying. When somebody cries, her tear causes flu and it also sound a lot. These are all the flaws in these few scenes.

When Hameed comes out after a long time of knocking and bells, he says that he had been taking shower but his hair all dry and nobody notices that not even somebody smells the alcohol from him.

Hameed cooperates with Masooma’s family and police completely to not let anyone doubt him.

Another huge flaw in the episode was even when police searches for Masooma at Hameed’s place, they couldn’t get her anywhere.

But very little details shown in Hameed’s family scenes and also in Azra’s place are really worth watching.

Acting of Faysal Qureshi, Sawera Nadeem and Sanam Chaudary is appreciable with amazing expressions and beautiful makeover that goes dull and rough with the time passing in the episode. Sawera Nadeem when runs down to search for little girl, her shoe took off and she runs all the way without shoes.

Nothing can be said about the coming episodes right now, but as per the promo of the serial, Maan may follow his father in character as he is shows grasping Momina harshly in a scene during promo.

Visual quality is good enough and the makeup is much better than other drama serials right now.


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