Critic Rating

Directed by:  Syed Mazhar Moin

Written by: Sara Sadain Syed

Produced by:iDream Production

Momina (Sanam Chaudhry) agrees to marry Maan (Wajahat Ali) on condition to keep her mother.

In the scene, while telling Sawera (Maryam Noor) about Momina’s “yes”, Wajahat definitely overacted in the scene.

Azra (Sawera Nadeem) really is doing justice with her role; nobody would have done it better. Momina leaves the job to spend time with her mother.

Oh my God! Faysal Qureshi nailed it. He really did! The way he acted in the scene while rejecting Maan for Momina is beyond talent. Wahaj and Iffat Omer’s acting also went great with the situation. Wahaj answers to his father about the way he treated his mother whole life.

Maan tackles the situation very well with Azra’s mental situation when he brings the proposal. Wedding takes place. On wedding night, Momina gets gets worried for her mother so Maan takes her to see her mother.

Hameed (Faysal Qureshi) taunts Maan for being “Zan-mureed (wife’s servant)”.

As a guess, Hameed may taunt and suggest his son to be masculine and dominant which can change Maan’s priorities and maybe bringing a more bad time for Momina. As a consequence of Masooma’s incident, Hameed may lose his mental senses with the way he has started talking to himself.

Sawera’s proposal comes and the boy ignores all happening around and shows no interest. Amna (Iffat Omar) gets confused but Hameed accepts the proposal without thinking.

When Azra comes to Maan’s home, nobody comes to receive her or meet her. Momina goes to the kitchen to bring water for her mother, but when Amna asks what is Azra doing, she replies “Main Sula Kar Ae Hoon (I have made her sleep)”. Amna asks Momina to bring coriander. When she goes to pluck that, Hameed arrives creating a fuss.

The situation may turn worst for Hameed in the coming episode, Let’s wait and watch!


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