Pakistani industry is filled with extremely talented artists including those with beautiful voices but there is always room for more. We are particularly excited for the musical journey of the up and coming singer Jibran Raheel.



We invited Jibran over at out studio right after his song “Jhoota pyar ” was released. The music video features the gorgeous Sadaf Kanwal. The song as the title suggests is about insincere love between a couple, a concept that is unfortunately extremely relevant in today’s day and age.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a guy who was sincere but the girl didn’t reciprocate and cheated on him. The video shows how karma prevails. Her husband cheats on her and she finds out. The real message about the song is what comes around goes around.



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We also asked him about his music ideals. He draws inspiration from Ustad Nusrat Fateh, Ali Khan and Muhammad Rafi. We also got to hear Jibran live in studio. His vocals were music to our ears and the background music is also very upbeat. All in all, Jibran is a musician to look out for. With this kind of soulful voice we expect great things from him.


Catch a glimpse of his song and our conversation with him here!


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