Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are two of the most popular Tv shows of recent times. Game of Thrones concluded on 19th May, with 8 seasons in its baggage. Although the last season was not well received however the series have been immensely popular for its intelligent and gripping content.

Game of Thrones’s latest episode registers a new low on IMDb

GOT has an ardent following all around the world! The Fantasy drama has an unmatched legacy as the first seven seasons of the series received a rating as a high as 9.9 and registered its minimum rating of 8.1 on IMDb. The hugely adored series took the world by storm and became the most celebrated series of recent times.

Game of Thrones

However, the series fell flat with its Season 8. While expectations of the finale were at fever pitch, the series’ last season has been a huge fiasco. Fans have largely been disappointed.

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In contrast, crime fiction Breaking Bad is another highly adored drama. The modern drama maintained recording ratings through out its first 4 seasons. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad remained in an neck to neck competition in their ratings on IMDb while Game of Thrones led with slim margins.

Breaking Bad

However the final seasons of both the series have drawn a stark difference between the two series. Breaking Bad’s season 5 and the final season performed exceptionally well while Game of Thrones’ final season 8 has received a lot of criticism. So much so that fans have started a petition demanding a remake of Season 8.

Critics Verdict On Game Of Thrones Season 8 Ep 6

Following is the episode wise rating of Breaking Bad’s last four episodes.

Granite State..9.5

Following is the episode wise rating of Game of Thrones’s last four episodes.

The Long Night..7.9
The Last of the Starks..5.9
The Bells..6.5
The Iron Throne..4.8

While Breaking Bad ended with a bang, Game of Thrones has left fans depressed and angry. As IMDb ratings are indicative of people’s verdict, the results clearly show that Fans have rejected Game of Thrones finale while Breaking Bad has won countless hearts. Breaking Bad has taken the lead with leaps and bounds while Game of Thrones has toppled down quite badly.


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