Game Of Thrones just aired the longest episode of the series till date. It was easily one of the best shot episodes of Game Of Thrones. Miguel Sapochnik’s directorial consisted of a brilliant action packed fight sequence which was also highly emotional.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Review.

The episode was over 80 minutes long. It is extremely tough to pull off such a long battle, but the director Miguel did a marvelous job at it. At no point does the episode drag, rather it gets interesting with every minute.

Still Of Jon Snow From The Battle Of Winterfell

Story telling and the script of the episode were so intelligently crafted that it was easily one of the most intense and clever episodes of Game Of Thrones. The episode is full of surprises and it keeps you on your toes through out the eighty minutes. The story arc of every character was so beautifully executed that every character was given their due screen time and moments to shine.

Full points to the makers who kept the script so crisp that it turns out to be a thriller at the same time. Performances wise, every character lived upto the expectations. One simply should not miss this epic battle which is visually a stunner.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Review.

Furthermore, the makers unfolded the story perfectly. They just kept raising the tension through out the episode and one could actually feel the chills of a real battle.

The episode was intense. It was highly emotional, thrilling and it keeps one hooked. With so much happening, the episode sucks one’s energy by its end. It is truly an exhausting but fulfilling experience. This episode definitely goes down as one of the best episodes of Game Of Thrones.

Best Performance Of The Episode:
Best performer of the episode was undoubtedly Arya Stark. She stole the whole show with this Episode. Her expressions and composure through out the episode was perfect. A special mention also goes to Miguel Sapochnik, for his epic direction.


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