One thing that social media has totally ruined for viewers is the unwanted spoilers that spread rapidly as soon as something airs.Recently when Avengers Endgame was release the makers requested fans to refrain from spoilers as this was a much waited mega film of the year.

Game of Thrones Final Season To Be Remade?

Similarly, one of the most loved series of the decade is coming to an end next week. The series is HBO’s Game of Thrones which is ending after an eight season long run.

One thing that people have been frequently complaining about is the spoilers that get viral on social media soon after the episode goes on air. A UK based insurance company has found a solution to ensure their clients have spoiler free surfing.

Endsleigh Insurance is offering fans up to £100 under their “Spoiler Insurance Policy” if family, friends, or social media accounts ruin the plot line of the show for them. This initiative was taken in UK as they have to watch the episode at 2 AM or wait the entire day watch it on repeat telecast at 9 PM on Monday.

The person who claims that his episode has been spoiled will also get
consolatory NOW TV pass to watch all eight seasons of Game Of Thrones. However there is a catch of course. The company is only offering 10 payout and TV passes.

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This without doubt is an excellent marketing campaign, one that will bring in lots of clients and popularity to the brand. For those residing in UK you better be quick in claiming the policy and earn £ 100.


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