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Eid is always the most auspicious occasion at the boxoffice as we see huge surge in the footfall at ticket windows. People flock to cinemas in big numbers and boxoffice hit new levels. But with this also comes the expectations from the product.

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One of the leading films of Eid was Yasir Nawaz directed “Wrong No 2”. This is the third directorial work of Yasir Nawaz after “Wrong No” and “Mehrunisa V Lub U”.

The story revolves around Sami Khan who belongs to a poor family and falls in love with Neelam Munir, a rich girl. Javed Sheikh (father of Neelam Munir) wants to marry his daughter in a rich political family. The story line is very simple, predictable and typical but its the film’s sub plots that are praise worthy.

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Yasir Nawaz as director has done extremely well job by handling the major plot and blending it with the subplots. All the plots are written so beautifully by Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz that the screenplay keeps you hooked to the screen throughout the film. Dialogues are written by Ahmed Hassan who has done a great job as there is good dose of comedy through out the film. But at some occasions the jokes got vulgar and seemed forced.

Film was shot extremely well and many scenes stand out. The one which need special mention features Yasir Nawaz. In one scene we see him tied and his daughter comes in the blue dress like fairy to meet him. The scene is beautifully shot and it moves you. Other than that, when Yasir signs the contract to accept a bribe in the office was also a powerful scene. There is a speech of a Maulana in the background at the same time, the scene is impactful.

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Film has some solid performances by various actors. Yasir Nawaz has stood out with his performance as common middle class person. At the same time, Javed Sheikh and Mehmood Aslam stand out in terms of comedy. Neelam Munir looks stunning and she has given a decent performance. Sami Khan as always has performed on par and fulfilled the requirement of his role. But the chemistry between the two is missing and at time cringe worthy.

Similarly, the talented high profile star Sana Fakhar is wasted as Yasir’s wife. Any other actress could have been hired for thce role as her character has been poorly written and does not do justice to the actress.

The music composed by Semaab Sen is average and it is easily forgettable. None of the song stands out. But the background score is well thought and well composed. It gels in with the situations very well.

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Overall, the film is well directed by the captain Yasir Nawaz and its his best work till date. Plots are merged in an intelligent way and performances are pretty good too. The film does carry some vulgar comedy and story does gets predictable. The toilet humor aside, watch Wrong No 2 for its well knitted screenplay and beautiful direction.

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