Critic Rating

Writer: Samra Bukhari

Director: Mohsin Talat

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

This was the only episode in which Azar (Shehzad Sheikh) showed consistency in his attitude towards Anji and instead of becoming a fool at her hands, continued asking her to go back. He also calls Shafaq (Aiman Khan) to make up for his mistakes but the woman also shows strength and does not receive his call, staying adamant on her decision not to back to a person who never trusted her. Aftab (Ali Ansari) finally divorces Anji but  she considers  it a relief and smiles while seeing the divorce papers, after which she asks Azar to accept her for her path has been cleared. She leaves for Karachi, threatening him that she will be back and attain him at any cost. Before leaving, she plays the trick of lying to one of the neighbours that she is Azar’s wife, thus suggesting that she will not let him live in peace if he does not listen to her.

Azar, despite confessing his mistakes, does not turn out to be a very likeable character since he has been whimsical throughout the story. In this episode, when he said to Anji that he fell for her beauty, it seemed pathetic and not justified at all, for it told how the attitudes of men in a patriarchal society are. They do not consider it wrong in getting attracted towards other women while being married, but if the same attitude is shown by women, they spend no time in kicking them out of the house.

It was the story and this idea only which needed to be discussed regarding this episode. As far as the direction and other aspects are concerned, it was fine and there was no significant flaw.

We are only to see now what Anji does in the coming episodes. How will she execute the plans she is making to attain Azar and will Azar be able to win Shafak’s love again? It is hoped that a weak character like Azar is not easily forgiven and a lesson is given to the viewers regarding the importance of trust in relationships.

This episode also ended on a twist; that of Anji once again succeeding in making her family sympathize with her and making it seem as if she was the one who was wronged. Her divorce, however, is still a secret that needs to be disclosed before her family.


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