Directed by:  Asim Ali

Written by: Saira Raza

Produced by: Sadia Jabbar

With the emotional song “Tu ky jaany tery bin jee na sakein gy”, anybody’s feelings can gear up. Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) thanks Hani (Minal Khan) for marrying Maqsood (Noman Ijaz). Shaheena also gets jealous with special treatment given to Hani.

Shaheena sends sweet of Maqsood and Hani’s marriage to Haroon and Shehnaz (Mah Jabeen). Haroon rushes to Hani’s place. Maqsood tries to get romantic with her Hani but she asks him to leave.  Minal has proved to be a good selection for the character of Hani and she literally is doing justice with sympathies coming for her but she messed in the scene while talking to Chandi.

Haroon arrives at Shaheena’s place shouting Hani’s name where she assures her that Hani married Maqsood with her will and wish. He rejects the allegations and move to see Hani but hears her laughing. He believes that she’s happy and leaves the place.

Haroon’s bandage of the head goes missing after he comes back home with no sign of injury even, magical treatment of Shaheena’s lies maybe but that new hero is doing a good acting though.

Shaheena goes with Maqsood, Amma Begum (Afshan Qureshi) and Hani to pray for the child. The scene went very strong with framing, dialogues and acting of all these four.  Shaheena is playing a game, of course, to keep Hani away from Maqsood and It seems like Hani may take the revenge from her.

What to say about Noman Ijaz; he is evergreen. He is a hero forever. No doubt!

Maqsood tries to sort matter with Hani, it seems she understood the situation. Shaheena asks Hani about Maqsood’s behavior and Hani gets straight with her say “rudely”. Chandni tells about changing the behavior of Azra and others where Hani calms her to believe in her father.

As a guess, in the coming episode, Haroon may try to inquire Hani about the situation and Hani will get attached to Maqsood, of course pinching for Shaheena.



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