Critic Rating

Directed by: Asim Ali

Written by: Saira Raza

Produced by: Sadia Jabbar Production

Before even watching the episode, the soundtrack of the drama serial creates a goosebumps situation to head towards episode.

In the last episode, Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) asks Hani (Minal Khan) to marry Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) for a son.

Haroon meets accident and Shehnaz (Mah Jabeen) tells him about Hani’s rude response for him. Hani calls Haroon for help but he rejects. Shaheena plays a game again and tries to convince Amma Begum (Afshan Qureshi) about Hani and Maqsood.

Sunita Marshal’s acting was not up to the mark as required for the scene but in the serial, she now is having a bad impact on viewers with her super negative gestures. In the story, Amma Begum is shown opposing Shaheena all where, however, now she is agreed for Hani’s marriage to Maqsood.

Amma Begum and Shaheena convince Maqsood but he still replies “no”.

Noman Ijaz’s super acting continued its quality throughout the episode as well. Not even a single scene lacked.

A scene filled with suspense, Chandni informs Hani that Maqsood and all others are going in Baraat. It was believed for a stance that the marriage is not going to take place but at the same time, the maid arrives with a dress for Hani and asks her to get ready. There Chandni comes to know about what’s going to happen.

Maqsood marries Hani. Maqsood gets to know that the decision was imposed on Hani so he leaves her alone and goes to other room.

Hani replies back to Shaheena and she gets stunned. The table may turn to another side now.

The drama serial is having an influential story and fantasy is more in this still, the story is different and a good issue has been raised about an adopted child.

Light settings of drama serial are more dark than bright which represent the complicated situation most of the time.

As a guess for future, Hani may stand against Shaheena and overtake everything. Shaheena’s guesses that Hani will stay obedient and under her commands; it will be proved false.



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