Critic Rating

Writer: Saira Raza

Director: Asim Ali

Producer: Sadia Jabbar

All the events of this episode took place in a linear order. It started with Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) giving Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) the permission of another marriage and then searching for an appropriate match herself. Shockingly, she decides to wed her adopted daughter, Haani (Minaal Khan) to her husband. She expresses this wish before both Maqsood and Haani, both of whom show disgust which is justified. To execute her plan, she first emotionally blackmails Haani by talking about her isolation and by presenting the belief that no one can understand her well except for Haani. She then shows pleasure at Haroon and Hani’s ensuing quarrels, which upset Haroon mentally and he faces an accident. The news of his accident, however, is kept a secret by Shaheena who takes care not to tell about it to anyone. She continues to insist Haani and even in the ending scenes of the episode, is found blackmailing Haani again.

Haroon’s accident does not have an apparent link with Shaheena’s plans and did not seem to be a logical action first, but it can be assumed that Shaheena might have planned it to clear her ways.

The episode presented the disturbing idea of how for the sake of money, people are ready to perform any step, no matter how disgusting it may be. The marriage of Haani and Maqsood will render the relation somewhat incestuous. Even though they are not related through blood, they have been made to believe through the circumstances and their age-gap that the relation that can be thought of between them is that of a father and a daughter.

The song of “Ghamand” is extremely beautiful and synchronized well with the disturbing scenes of this episode, such as the one in which Haani is slapped by Haroon and also the one in which Haani is asked to get married to Maqsood.

The acting of all the performers is also convincing, especially of Sunita Marshal who has hardly been seen before in such a role.

The look of the serial is very fine and clear. Good camera-men and art designers seem to have been chosen, for the auras that are created in every scene go well with the respective settings and lighting of the rooms.

We are to see in the coming episodes whether Shaheena’s plans will be fulfilled or not. Haani and Haroon’s relation does not allow us to easily predict the coming events, and that is the strength of the script. At times, their increasing tension makes us think that they will be made to part, but the scene in which Haroon gains consciousness and laments his violence told that he loves her. Secondly, even Haani doesn’t know about her husband’s accident yet. Her reaction on receiving the news will tell us if both of them will be able to live without each other and whether Haani will get married to Maqsood or not.


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