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Directed by:
Asim Ali

Written by: Saira Raza

Produced by: Sadia Jabbar Productions

The episode continued with Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) worried about Shehnaz’s (Mah Jabeen) greed. Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) apologize to Shaheena for what he said but stays on his decision of marriage. She also asks Haroon to not come this much to see Umm e Haani (Minal Khan).

Something is shown very powerful in the episode that Shaheena is getting broken day by day with her arrogance not getting lesser. She is shown proud with his father supporting all his attitude and she treats her husband with dominant behavior besides all her love for him.

Shaheena offers Shehnaz to let her have Haroon at her place after marriage but Shehnaz argues and leaves her home in anger. Haroon and Haani try to settle the things.

The episode is drama serial’s climax and although Shaheena loves Hani, but is seen happy in a scene smiling after breaking the relation with Haroon. Her personality is shown so consistent that it is giving drama a suspense for the end.

Maqsood has tried in the episode though to settle the matter with Shaheena about his marriage but she still doesn’t move from her place to insist or request him. Amaa Begum (Afshan Qureshi) is even shown younger than the previous episodes.

In this episode, the background music of all the scenes has given a sensational touch for the viewers because it is better known, that people are attracted to sensations. Sunita Marshal’s acting is strongest after Noman Ijaz’s realistic looks with expressions.

With other drama serials on air on other channels, Aplus’s Ghamand is hitting its peak.

Haroon asks Shaheena to come and live at his place (which is also Shaheena’s paternal place) but Shaheena rejects and leaves. Hani shares her feelings with Maqsood’s other daughter and talks about the situation neutrally.

Shehnaz taunts with pity on Shaheena. Shaheena is now seen being broken a little from inside. Shehnaz isn’t ashamed of her greed. Maqsood and Amma Begum planning to move out.

The strongest scene was the last one when she admitted her defeat in front of a mirror and it’s seriously worth watching. Such characters are very rare in drama serials and therefore, this one is awaited for.

As a guess for the coming episode, Shehnaz may not accept the defeat and will fight to her full and on the other side, Haroon will come to know about her mother’s greed. Both fighter mothers may be left alone in the coming time. Let’s wait and watch!


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