Critic Rating

Directed by: Asim Ali

Written by: Saira Raza

Production House: Sadia Jabbar Production

With HD quality of the drama serial, it’s a good one for eyes. Even before the starting of any episode, the original sound track (OST) of Ghamand already creates a sensational environment for the viewers.

The episode continues with the argument between Haroon and Umme Hani (Menal Khan) after she rejects Shehnaz Maami (Mah Jabeen) on Nikkah’s date fixing issue. Amaa Begum (Afshan Qureshi) asks Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) for another marriage to have son.

A dialogue from the episode was worth hearing where Sunita Marshall says, “Mumtaz Khala sonaar hein tou main lohaar hoon, Shikast tasleem karna tou main nay seekha hi nahi.”

Shaheena (Sunita Marshall) orders servants to not let Maqsood use car and go out.

The medium shot of Noman Ijaz after being rejected by servant to use car was so dramatic that literally showed the quality of work. Noman Ijaz’s acting in the scene being furious on insult and flashbacks which stopped him from arguing with Shaheena, very well directed.

Sheheena is informed about Amma Begum, Rasheeda and Azra looking for a young woman for Maqsood. Shaheena gets stunned when Maqsood tells that Amma Begum did everything with his permission. Shehnaz asks Shaheena to leave Maqsood. Haroon warns Maqsood that he will not let his marriage take place. Shaheena requests Maqsood for not marrying. Aizaz (Farooq Jawaid) confesses his love for Chaandi. The episode ended where Shaheena listens everything talked between servants about Shehnaz’s intention of marrying Haroon to Hani for getting property back.

Will Shaheena’s pride and money take her to losing beloved ones or will Maqsood step back from the decision of second marriage?

One thing that can surprise the viewers is the complete young and fit look of Sunita Marshal in the drama serial. She must have been showed a little aged even when his co-star Noman Ijaz; the ever young personality, is being given an aged look however not the required one, with the episodes proceeding. Afshan Qureshi, playing the role of Noman Ijaz’s mother in the serial is not shown old with her grooming and makeover totally set all the time and a formal outfit.

Hania’s fiancé Haroon’s acting is not up to the mark but still as a new comer, can be appreciated for a better one next time however, he does have tough looks for being hero.

Drama serial Ghamand is inspired from Saira Raza’s novel Mustarrad (reject) and therefore is having many things unrelated to real world.


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