Year 2020 is getting bigger as many big projects are going on floors and Epk is updating you about all those projects exclusively. The period drama film
“Gawah Rehna” starring Emmad Irfani and Ghana Ali is going on floors next month. This will be the film debut for Emmad Irfani, whereas it will be the third project for Ghana Ali after Rangreza and Maan Jao Na.

Exclusive: Emmad Irfani to Debut in Films with “Gawah Rehna”

Epk caught up with the lovely Ghana Ali for an exclusive chat to find out more about Gawah Rehna. Without giving much away Ghana talked about her character ,

It is going to be something that people will love.

Gewah Rehna is based on Khilafat Movement and the concept has our interest peaked. We asked Ghana Ali what pulled her toward the film. She credited it to the script to begin with. She also mentioned that this is the story of our ancestors and she wanted to be part of it. Besides this she felt that this role gave her lots of margin to perform.

Emmad Irfani, Ghana Ali, Rabya Kulsom

Absolutely the content. It is about our history, our ancestors, how they dreamt about our future and how they made sacrifices about us. No body would want to leave such a project in which there is so much acting margin and there are so many good actors. Then obviously there was history of ancestors in it and I always wanted to do this kind project.I think it is an educational film as well. This is a very good time that we tell about our history.

Directed and written by Tahir Mehmood the film is expected to release by March 2020. The cast of the film also includes Qavi Khan, Rehan Nazim, Faisal Imtiaz, Rabya Kulsoom and Turkish actor Mert Sismanlar. The film will release in Pakistan, Turkey and other international markets. 


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