Game of Thrones aired the last episode of Season 8 and came to a bittersweet end! The episode has met with disappointing reviews. Season 8 has generally not been well received. Social Media is flooded with criticism for the series’s finale.

Got has also registered new lows on its IMDb ratings and it appears the ratings seem to fall after every little while! After maintaining a record rating at both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, the season 8 of the series has toppled down to shocking levels.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 6’s Tomatoes Scores Are In

Game of Thrones is a very rare series which has received a remarkable rating on IMDB through out its first seven seasons. Prior to Season 8, the series’ performance was out of the world as it received a rating as a high as 9.9 and registered its minimum rating of 8.1. The average IMDB rating of the first seven seasons of this uncanny series was a staggering 9.5.

GOT’s IMDb rating became a validation of its high quality and exceptional content. The series managed to put the entire world under its spell. However, after such extraordinary seasons, the final season of the series has let down the series’ legacy badly.

George R.R.Martin Unhappy With The Ending of Game of Thrones

Below are the episode wise ratings of Game Of Thrones Season 8 on IMDb

A Knight of the seven Kingdoms.. 8.3
The Long Night..7.9
The Last Of The Starks..5.9
The Bells..6.5
The Iron Throne..4.8

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