This Sunday night American fans will witness the series finale of the much loved series Game of thrones. The Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke starrer has been loved and followed religiously by millions of fans around the globe.

Detective Pikachu makes a fun reference to GOT’s most emotional scene

The series comes from the novel by George R.R.Martin . The series is known for its shocking developments and killing off major characters. As the series comes to an end, fans are anticipating something monumental. Also the emotions attached to the series are such that the aftermath the last episode will be felt gravely.

This is it is being reported by Worforce Institute poll at Kronos that around 11 million people in US will not be able to go into work the following day as they will be recovering from whatever goes down the previous night.

Other than that around 2.9 million are expected to go in late and 3.4 million admit they’ve arranged to work remotely. Over all those who do work on Monday will be less productive as they will be discussing the finale with their colleagues.

George R.R.Martin Unhappy With The Ending of Game of Thrones

The finale is going to be 80 minutes long and someone will finally get the Iron Throne, or may not. All will bee revealed with the upcoming series finale!


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