Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington starrer Game of Thrones has concluded after an eight season long run on Sunday. The series is an adaption of George R.R.Martin’s novels. The series formed a massive following all over the world over the years. The series has blown fans away with its amazing content and fans were eagerly looking forward to see how this series would end.

The final season took off with a poor start and criticism followed. Despite that its viewer ship was not affected as dedicated fans wanted to see how it ends. The series finale titled “The Iron Throne” registered the biggest number of views of the entire series!

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The views are in fact the biggest for HBO’s entire history. The finale has set record not only for series but also for the channel. The initial airing recorded 13.6 million viewers. And if the rerun and early streaming numbers are included the number shoots up to 19.3 million.

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The second last episode that aired on May 12, recorded a 12.48 million for its initial airing and a total of 18.4 million viewers on first day of airing. The last season has registered the lowest ever ratings on IMDB and Rottens Tomato as fans have rejected the content. On IMDB the episode has 4.8 rating which is in fact the lowest rating of the entire episode. Despite that the series has made television history.


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