TV One is to on-air another drama serial ‘Kasak Rahay Ge’ with a twisted story directed by none other than Furqan Siddiqui.

The teaser of drama serial is full of sensation which will definitely urge viewers’ quest for watching a different drama serial than the typical villain story after losing love.

Furqan may also be remembered with drama serial Ghayal starring Urwa Hocane and on aired on APlus. No doubt, he always has a sense of giving best cast in the serial and the roles given to every actor suits the personality of that actor, a keen observer thought!

The light setting in the teaser released is an ideal one for most of the scenes and visual quality is noted worth watching.

Industry’s emerging talent Faizan Khuwaja is also starred in the serial, earlier who showed his best in recently ended Ishq Tamasha and now his fans may be looking forward to a better one even despite the mega success of his serial. Mostly he is given the role of a positive person and the teaser this time also, is showing his character like this.

Another young star who started his career as VJ on program Boom on Live aired on ATV, Noor Hassan has also set a comeback in drama industry after a little break. Moreover, these days he has been giving his fans on social media a lot of funny Tit-Toc videos and mostly from the sets of Kasak Reh Gae. He also tried heroic acting in a film Jackpot.

Legendary Sakeena Sammo is also coming to TV with Furqan Siddiqui, of course, no good director can forget her.

Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main starred Aadila Khan is also playing a character in Kasak Reh Gae. The young emerging talent is seen in different dramas on different channels but her acting in every project is getting better.

The teaser is giving a little hint about the story, however, the reason for urged wait for the serial is mainly the different story of the serial and every character played by its best carrier.


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