Six years after the mega hit animated film Frozen, Disney is back with its sequel and it has had us excited since the announcement!

With the teaser and trailer 1 of Frozen 2,we were concerned whether the film has taken a 360 turn in regard to its theme. They seemed more serious, intense with no humor unlike the prequel. However trailer 2 is completely the opposite and it has given us a breather. The excitement that had dialed down a notch is back up and we are in love with the characters all over again.

Frozen 2 Goes Dark As It Explores Elsa’s Powers

After watching trailer 2 we now know more on what to expect! Looks like Elsa and Anna will team up with Olaf and Kristoff to venture into the unknown(enchanted forest) to save Arendelle. The film will also further explore Elsa’s magic during this journey and the sister’s bond.The visuals are eye catching and the cinematography is magical.

This trailer also features dialogues which were missing from the previous one! The dialogues have totally changed our perspective and also given a clearer picture of what to expect from the film.Some of the dialogues are so adorable and heartening. One scene where Anna runs into the fire for Elsa and their conversation that follows is truly reflecting on their bond as sisters.

We also got to witness funny quirks of Olaf that were missing in the previous two glimpses. The sequel is full of imagination, colors, humor,action,danger and seriousness,all elements that will attract the younger audience and have an appeal for adults too. Moreover ,the narrative seems meaningful with some message attached to it.

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Frozen 2 has been directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The film will bring back Indina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad. The film opens in theaters on 22 November. This certainly seems like one you should take your kids out to watch and get entertained yourself too!

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