Frozen 2 teaser trailer

Frozen 2 teaser just dropped and the film has taken a complete 180 turn!

Frozen is one of the Disney movies that was loved for its unique and hilarious content! The film was a super hit five years ago so naturally when Frozen 2 was announced our excitement went through the roof.

However after watching the teaser trailer that just dropped we are not sure what to expect! The teaser has come out just a few days after the release of Aladdin’s second trailer which finally revealed Genie!

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While Aladdin’s trailer has been met with a lot of criticism Disney decided to reveal Frozen 2 first teaser and many are calling their tactic to get people distracted from Aladdin. Well the teaser is certainly very different than the first one!

While Frozen teaser trailer ensured something extremely light and funny coming our way, Frozen 2’s teaser is extremely dark and intense. It was natural to go back and check the teaser trailer of Frozen to draw the comparison. This teaser shows a hilarious carrot chase between Olaf (the adorable snowman who is also Anna’s friend), and a moose. After seeing this one is certain that something comical is on the way.

frozen 2 elsa
Elsa in Frozen 2

In contrast when we see Frozen 2’s teaser trailer we are left unfulfilled.The opening sequence with Elsa running against the tides is a visual treat and it does increase our excitement level. When she falls one expected something funny to happen but all in vain.

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The tone of the entire teaser remains intense, with the suspense filled background score being a major contributor. We see Anna completely baffled and Kristoff riding an army of moose. The teaser also shows a glimpse of two new characters being introduced in the sequel as well. Who are they,we are really curious to find out!

Two new character in Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer
Two new character in Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer

The teaser hints the trio is up against some major threat and are braving up for the storm! Is this change of tone just for the teaser or are we in for some extremely different content with Frozen 2? Lets hope we find out more with the release of its full length trailer soon!

The film is slated to release towards the end of this year in November.

Have a look at the teaser and let us know what you think!

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